Best Application of Tech Award

Best Application Of Tech

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Who is this for?

The extraordinary impact of technology is evident in every aspect of our daily lives. This award measures the impact of Welsh technology and rewards the innovation that drives the industry, including new approaches and disruptive technologies.

Welsh technology has significant impact in the creative industries, education, financial services and healthcare. This category therefore includes sub-categories namely:

Best application of Fintech

Technologies that drive finance and payments are revolutionising trading for both consumers and businesses. This category rewards technology in Wales that that makes finance easier for all.

Best application of Edtech

Technology is able to change the education architecture to create efficiencies and improve results for the individual and society. This category rewards technology in Wales that provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the sector today.

Best application of tech in Medtech

Technology has had a huge impact on healthcare, prolonging life expectancy, treating diseases and helping medical staff spend their time more efficiently. This category rewards technologies in Wales which have had a real impact on people’s lives.

Best application of tech in the Creative industry

Innovation enabled by technology in gaming, TV, film, music and theatre is driving the creative industry across the globe, from ultra high-defintion to VR to more amazing special effects. This rewards the innovation which is changing entertainment as we know it.

The winners of each, along with companies who have applied technology in other industry sectors, will compete for the title of Best Application of Tech – Overall Champion. 

What is the criteria?

  • The technology must be developed by a company based in Wales.
  • It should operate in the context of a sustainable business mode