The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start Up Award

The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start Up Award

The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start Up Award GoCompare

with GoCompare


Who is this for?

Taking its name from one of the most influential Welsh figures in international business, The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-up Award recognises those who have achieved success in a short space of time and have the potential to grow and thrive in the near future.

Previous category award winners include Welsh pioneers such as power module designer Silvertel, WeBuildBots, investment fintech Wealthify, DevOpsGroup, data analytics leaders AMPLYFI and video game developer Wales Interactive.

About the award

One of the most coveted, high profile awards of the evening, The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-up Award is brought to you in association with one of Wales’ most recognisable fintech brands, GoCompare.

GoCompare is one of the UK’s most recognisable fintech brands, championing local talent and technical innovation to save people everywhere time and money.

Based in Newport, South Wales, GoCompare is one of Wales’ biggest start-up success stories. Founded with a team of just six people in 2006, the company has grown rapidly into a household name before floating on the London Stock Exchange in 2016.

Lee Griffin, founding member of GoCompare said; “Our goal is to help support the future of tech in the region and help establish Wales as a UK tech hotspot, through attracting and developing the very best talent to drive innovation and excellence in the industry.

Retaining a start-up mentality has been crucial to GoCompare’s growth and success and we’re pleased to partner with the Sir Michael Moritz Start-up award; celebrating and supporting the ambition and achievements of the Welsh start-up community.”

What is the criteria?

Any company within the software, electronic and technology sectors in Wales whose business started after 1 January 2017.