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Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Swansea University

Prof Hilary Lappin ScottProfessor Hilary Lappin-Scott is a Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Swansea University responsible for Research and Innovation and Strategic Development. She is an active trustee of the Daphne Jackson Trust and The Alacrity Foundation, and is also the founder of the Swansea Employability Academy at Swansea University which provides an essential function linking business and industry to students of Swansea University and creates networking opportunities which have a great impact on local and national economies. 

Hilary is also an active member of the ‘Be The Spark’ and REAP, Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programmes and believes that through ‘Be the Spark’ REAP is already having an impact on addressing the gender equality gap in Wales and points to the achievements of several Wales-based businesswomen who owe their success to strong entrepreneurship. “You can see the gap narrowing in some institutions and organisations,” she says. “But there is a need to take this forward.”