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Stephen Holt, Director at Angels Invest Wales at Development Bank of Wales

Steve Holt

Stephen Holt is Director of Angels Invest Wales - based in Cardiff A.I.W is an integral part of The Development Bank of Wales. Angels Invest Wales is Wales’s primary business angel network and seeks to find investment and funding solutions for Welsh based businesses, technology start up’s and entrepreneurs.

The Angels Invest Wales network has expanded in the last year to include over 160 private investors and is underpinned by The Development Bank of Wales £8m Angel Co Fund. Prior to joining the Development Bank, Stephen was Director of London office for Welsh Government working in the First Ministers Office promoting Wales as a location for inward investment and trade.

Previously Stephen was Head of European inward investment in the former Welsh Development Agency spending 10 years overseas promoting Wales as a business location for international companies. Stephen initially enjoyed a successful management career in manufacturing prior to moving to the public sector and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of management and graduate of the University of South Wales.